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We are the country’s leading authority in automotive services. Our services caters to holistic automotive care spanning from installation, maintenance, and repairs. Since our conception in the automotive servicing industry in the Philippines, we have partnered with global industry leaders. We have been engineering mobile durability since 1981. In the present time, we specialize in mobile cooling and truck refrigeration.
Our Story

Versatemp's roots in the automotive industry date back to 1967, when its founder began working in the fledgling automotive air-conditioning industry. Over the years, Versatemp has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and global industry contacts. Today, Versatemp is active in Truck Refrigeration, Car and Bus Air-conditioning, Automotive Leisure, and Specialty Bodies.

Yet, the company's prowess is useless if delivered without the team's most basic tenets of value and integrity.

Versatemp does not measure value in terms of money that has changed hands; value is measured in goods and services that exceed customer expectations. Honest diagnosis, fair pricing, and uncompromising standards demonstrate our integrity.

Before Versatemp took off, ESL Automotives initially launched in Tondo Manila. The Company stuck to its roots by providing automotive air-conditioning services. We developed links with foreign air conditioning companies. We also ventured into maintenance of European makes and models. We installed ACs and rear refrigeration in trucks. We also did off-highway equipment. We gained clients in the mining industry who bought compressors from us.

Versatemp launched as a brand under ESL Automotives. Versatemp innovated the traditional process of truck manufacturing. The brand was the first to introduce knock-down bodies in the Philippine market. As a result, the truck manufacturing process was trimmed down from 45 days to as little as 10 days.

ESL Automotives unified its exemplary services under Versatemp. Since its conception, Versatemp has upheld quality and integrity by engineering endurance. From using Taiwan-made kit, we shifted to another supplier for the bodies. This time the kits were made in China but by a Chinese-German joint venture. While more expensive, they were actually better than Taiwan-made bodies.

We installed our first inaudible for Starbucks mobile coffee shop and we also installed rooftop aircons. What makes them different is that the generator and the rooftop aircon are designed to actually operate even while the vehicle is in motion. The generator is designed in such a way that all services from underneath and the exhaust-type, air inlet, and air outlet are all underneath.

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