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Versatemp covers selected niches in the transportation industry, and is active in truck refrigeration, automotive air-conditioning, bus air-conditioning, automotive leisure products, and specialty bodies. Come to us for climate, leisure, and productivity solutions on and off the road backed up by the expertise and integrity of one of the oldest companies in the mobile climate control industry.
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Reliable refrigerated trucks with fast cooldown and recovery with industry-leading refrigerated body technology; servicing for all brands of refrigerated trucks.

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Parts and service for all luxury makes backed up by decades of training and experience, deep links with global automotive air-conditioning insiders, and up-to-date diagnostic equipment.

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Original compressors and compressor clutch assemblies for bus air-conditioners.

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The widest range of products for living (and working) on and off the road.

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Vending trailers, off-road expedition bodies, and mobile coldrooms are just some of the unique solutions we offer.

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The road is long and unforgiving. This is why we delight ourselves in equipping clients with durable vehicles.
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