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Truck Refrigeration

Original Cabin AC is retain without modification


Versatemp Corp. distributes Versatemp brand Truck Refrigeration Systems and Versatemp brand Refrigerated Truck Bodies. Since its introduction in 1997, Versatemp has gained a loyal following for its dependability, fast cool down and recovery, technical prowess, and the integrity of its people.

The Versatemp Refrigerated Truck

Versatemp refrigerated truck bodies and refrigeration systems complement each other to create the ideal transport environment for your cargo.

  • Tried-and-tested Versatemp Truck Refrigeration System; still the fastest cool down and recovery times in the industry

  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel

  • Military-grade QUE compressor is engineered in the US and made in China; built for punishing use and found in demanding heavy-duty applications worldwide

  • High-strength pultruded FRP profiles designed by Daxberger-Schwall; ensures that heat is not conducted into the body interior and improving rigidity

  • Food-safe Kömmerling (Germany) sealants and adhesives allow a limited degree of flexing without compromising rigidity and stability

  • 2.0mm-thick high-gloss FRP exterior from Lamilux (Germany); tough and shiny, from the world's best and biggest FRP manufacturer

  • 1.5mm-thick high-impact food-safe FRP interior also from Lamilux (Germany); no manufacturer even comes close to matching this

  • Heavy-duty tempered aluminum track flooring comes standard for most Versatemp bodies; customers can also choose from aluminum checkered plate and flat stainless steel floors

  • Stainless steel door hardware and rear door frame

Featured Qualities

Advance technology hides behind the sleek exterior of the Versatemp Truck.

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