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A Closer Look: Why You Should Choose Versatemp

  • Widest Choice of Refrigeration Systems – Choose from Versatemp or Zanotti all-electric, direct-drive, or diesel sub-engine refrigeration systems. Versatemp all-electric or direct-drive refrigeration systems are made in Taiwan and are ISO-certified; Zanotti all-electric, direct -drive, and diesel sub-engine refrigeration systems are made in Italy. Systems can be mounted on the roof, nose, or under the body to fit specific customer requirements.

  • Fast Cooldown and Recovery – Reduce fuel consumption and overhead expenses with Versatemp's recommended system-body combinations. Get more out of every drop of fuel with fast cooldown rates; fast temperature recovery between stops means delivery teams spend less time waiting at receiving docks.

  • German-engineered Bodies – Versatemp bodies are engineered by the German design and consultancy firm Daxberger-Schwall and are made in China by a Chinese-German joint-venture company.

  • Lamilux Exteriors and Interiors – Versatemp is the only Philippine refrigerated truck body manufacturer to use FRP materials from Lamilux, recognized by industry insiders overseas as the world's best and biggest manufacturer.

  • Technical Prowess – Versatemp system and body technicians are dedicated to doing the job right the first time every time; excellent after-sales service keeps trucks on the job long after the sales pitch has been forgotten.

  • Genuine Parts Available Ex-stock – no waiting for genuine Versatemp parts. Ever.

  • Integrity – meticulous decades-long customers know they can trust Versatemp for honest diagnosis, fair pricing, and transparency.

  • Value for Money – Don't be fooled by low system-body purchase prices. Phantom expenses like increased fuel usage and unseen labor expenses burn through any initial savings in as little as two years. And keep on going throughout the truck's lifetime.

  • Parts and Service for Other Brands – expect the same level of integrity, expertise, workmanship, and parts quality when we service other refrigeration system brands. It's no surprise that customers with systems from competing vendors turn to us for after-sales service.

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